Friday, 22 June 2012

winter inspiration.

Weather is Melbourne is SHOCKING at the moment!
It is literally too cold to do anything .. me and the boyfriend went for thai last night for tea and all we could think about was getting home and jumping into bed with the electric blankets on!
Rain, rain and more rain .. cold, icy days just aint making me happy!

So here's some winter outfit inspiraton to cheer me up ..

Credits from google, black milk and celebrity style guide

Friday, 15 June 2012

You are finally mine ..

My lovely mum and I decided to head to chadstone last night for a bit of a look around .. 
I wasn't planning on buying anything at all .. i was more there for helping my mum decided on a winter jacket she wanted to buy and for a free dinner, haha ..
Long story short ...
I ended up blowing some serious cash .. ooops .. but in my defence they are both items i've been looking for for AGES and they are investment peices .. 

 Estilo Emporio - Bucket bag in Leopard
I've been searching for a leopard print bag for ages .. i love leopard print, but you need to be careful it doesn't come off cheap and tacky looking .. this bag is AMAZING .. and perfect size for me with two different styled straps!
And .... 40% off .. gotta love the David Jones sales!

Decjuba - Black Leather Jacket (Top left)
I've looked and tried on this jacket about 5 times .. i went to chadstone on thier VIP night a few weeks back because they had 30% off and i decided i was going to get it. I got there after work and they had every size except mine .. i was so devo.
Last night, i walked in to visit my beloved again and OMG, randomly 30% off leather jackets .. and they had my size!
It was ment to be ... cost a bit, but im 100% confident i'll be having this baby for years to come.

What do you think of my purchuses? 
Ric x

Sunday, 10 June 2012


This Melbourne weather is so depressing! It's juts so grey and gloomy, and cold and wet! 

I think some crazy coloured neon outfits are in order to cheer me up ...

Love this look, so effortless .. would love to pull this off!

Love love LOVE the hot pink teamed with blue denim .. 

 Could imgaine all these colours on my toes hanging outta my havianas in summer time!

 Love the wrist accessories ..

So now i've made it mission to find something neon next shopping trip!
What's your opinion on neon fashion?

love ric x

Saturday, 9 June 2012

long, potentially going to be boring .. weekend

It's the long weekend .. and i have nothing to do :(

Seems the majority my friends are busy, already have plans or prehaps don't want to hang out with me! Bit down .. thought this long weekend could potentially involved a night out with the girls or something .. but looks like ill be fairly bored and boring .. :( 

I hung out with one of my good friends last night who wasn't busy .. seeing everyone else was! 
We had a bit of a teen mom marathon (LOVE TEEN MOM!) which was good, then got into the whole 'let's have babies' conversation hahaha .. i love this friend .. she always cheers me up. Oh not to mention we didnt a late night maccas run and got ice creams :)

So maybe today will be a good day? Maybe i'll do something fun .. the boyfriend has spent all his paycheck already so there goes the idea he might possibly take me out for dinner or something like that ... boys are shit. lol
So far today all i've done is mine and the bf's washing, and posted some items on ebay .. highlights of the day so far ... 

What's everyone else getting up to this long weekend? 

love ric x

Thursday, 7 June 2012

cheap cheery thrills!

In my shopping travels i have discovered that large chain stores can offer some awesome pieces at ridiculously cheap prices ..

I popped into my local K-mart after work today and found some bright and cheery looking hoodies, as well as a sloppy joe style jumper .. awesome for these chilly nights, or to chuck on when heading to the gym ...

Nothing beats the feel of a brand new jumper, when the fluff on the inside is still new and keeps you so, so warm, as well as comfy! 
With these prices, i could pretty much afford to throw the jumpers out and buy a new one instead of washing them ... hehe .. don't worry im not that lazy!

Ahhhhhh K-Mart, i love you :)

Monday, 4 June 2012

Wittner Sale!

I was in desperate need of some new black heels to just basically go with everything and anything .. now, I'm not a fan of stiletto style heels, i tend to go for wedges or a thicker type heel. ..

Received an e-mail from Wittner on the weekend about a massive sale they were having with up to 70% off stock! *insert crazy shoe lady here*
I love Wittner shoes, i just find they always fit me nicely and they always seem to come out with numerous designs i love ..

So i headed to my local store at Knox Shopping Centre and found these babies ... exactly what i wanted; cross between a heel and a wedge, plus SUPER comfy .. and reduced to $99.95 :)

  'Martyne' in black suede

Picture from Wittner website 

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Grungey Sunday

The weather in melbourne isn't too fab, as always ... cold, foggy, gloomy.
Decided to brave the chill and head out for breakfast. Decided this weather was perfect to break out a grunge look ...

Here's what i wore ..

 'Sass' long flanno shirt, 'Sportsgirl' loose fitting knit, 'Bloch' lycra jazz tights.

Rings R to L - Onyx and isralie silver gift from mum, large onyx stone from markets in Tasmania, plain silver thick ring 18th birthday present (always wear this).

'Rubi' studded boots - super comfy and cost me only $60! :)

**Apologies for the crap selfie photo .. hadn't done hair or make up yet and didn't want to show my ugly head! Haha ...