Sunday, 10 June 2012


This Melbourne weather is so depressing! It's juts so grey and gloomy, and cold and wet! 

I think some crazy coloured neon outfits are in order to cheer me up ...

Love this look, so effortless .. would love to pull this off!

Love love LOVE the hot pink teamed with blue denim .. 

 Could imgaine all these colours on my toes hanging outta my havianas in summer time!

 Love the wrist accessories ..

So now i've made it mission to find something neon next shopping trip!
What's your opinion on neon fashion?

love ric x


  1. i think i prefer neon on my nails! :P although i do love "bright" colours in winter, not so much fluro/neon.

  2. Replies
    1. I want that pink top soooo bad!

  3. Cute. I love all the neons too! x

  4. I am actually quite into neon (this time around). Its a lot more chic and classy then a few years ago. A yellow neon blouse will be great in summer for a evening out! Your post makes me look forward to summer even more than normal!