Saturday, 9 June 2012

long, potentially going to be boring .. weekend

It's the long weekend .. and i have nothing to do :(

Seems the majority my friends are busy, already have plans or prehaps don't want to hang out with me! Bit down .. thought this long weekend could potentially involved a night out with the girls or something .. but looks like ill be fairly bored and boring .. :( 

I hung out with one of my good friends last night who wasn't busy .. seeing everyone else was! 
We had a bit of a teen mom marathon (LOVE TEEN MOM!) which was good, then got into the whole 'let's have babies' conversation hahaha .. i love this friend .. she always cheers me up. Oh not to mention we didnt a late night maccas run and got ice creams :)

So maybe today will be a good day? Maybe i'll do something fun .. the boyfriend has spent all his paycheck already so there goes the idea he might possibly take me out for dinner or something like that ... boys are shit. lol
So far today all i've done is mine and the bf's washing, and posted some items on ebay .. highlights of the day so far ... 

What's everyone else getting up to this long weekend? 

love ric x


  1. argh i hate when all your friends are busy! for once i was the busy one this weekend, haha! took advantage of the sunday night to go clubbing (something i NEVER do) out to club 23 at crown and then long room. got home at 6am. best! (and hungover the next day).

    1. ahh i wish i had a big messy weekend but everyone was bloody busy! not keen on the hangover though!

  2. This post is hilarious as I love a bit of Teen Mom also. My bf cant believe I like it haha. Such a guilty pleasure! Have you seen Toddlers and Tiaras? xx