Friday, 15 June 2012

You are finally mine ..

My lovely mum and I decided to head to chadstone last night for a bit of a look around .. 
I wasn't planning on buying anything at all .. i was more there for helping my mum decided on a winter jacket she wanted to buy and for a free dinner, haha ..
Long story short ...
I ended up blowing some serious cash .. ooops .. but in my defence they are both items i've been looking for for AGES and they are investment peices .. 

 Estilo Emporio - Bucket bag in Leopard
I've been searching for a leopard print bag for ages .. i love leopard print, but you need to be careful it doesn't come off cheap and tacky looking .. this bag is AMAZING .. and perfect size for me with two different styled straps!
And .... 40% off .. gotta love the David Jones sales!

Decjuba - Black Leather Jacket (Top left)
I've looked and tried on this jacket about 5 times .. i went to chadstone on thier VIP night a few weeks back because they had 30% off and i decided i was going to get it. I got there after work and they had every size except mine .. i was so devo.
Last night, i walked in to visit my beloved again and OMG, randomly 30% off leather jackets .. and they had my size!
It was ment to be ... cost a bit, but im 100% confident i'll be having this baby for years to come.

What do you think of my purchuses? 
Ric x

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