Monday, 4 June 2012

Wittner Sale!

I was in desperate need of some new black heels to just basically go with everything and anything .. now, I'm not a fan of stiletto style heels, i tend to go for wedges or a thicker type heel. ..

Received an e-mail from Wittner on the weekend about a massive sale they were having with up to 70% off stock! *insert crazy shoe lady here*
I love Wittner shoes, i just find they always fit me nicely and they always seem to come out with numerous designs i love ..

So i headed to my local store at Knox Shopping Centre and found these babies ... exactly what i wanted; cross between a heel and a wedge, plus SUPER comfy .. and reduced to $99.95 :)

  'Martyne' in black suede

Picture from Wittner website 


  1. wow they do look comfy! but if theyre $100 now, how much were they before? lol i always get excited by wittners sale but the prices are never really within my budget, even on sale.

  2. They were $170 orginally .. no way was i paying that! But $100 for good, classic style black heels was within my budget.
    I love so many of thier boots, but sometimes the prices are just ridiculous .. like $250 for boots that'll probs only last one season .. crazy!!

  3. Hearing 70% off is like.. magic words to make you wanna go shop right? Love the shoes, and sounds like you got a bit of a bargain! :)